Young & Upcoming Artists of 2014. Featuring Present. Pt. 2 of 3


Name: Julian Herron
Hometown: Norman, Oklahoma
Age: 16
Rap Name: Present

Support Present by following him on twitter @JulianHerron_ and Soundcloud: Presentt

About Julian:
Julian is the youngest artist in our Featured Artist Series but has a lot of potential. He is a self-written, self-produced artist. Occasionally he uses beats he finds online, but, for the most part his work is 100% original. He only has one track out for the public to hear so far but is busy working on his first big project, entitled PRE. He says that the project will “surpass expectations.” The project is due out in a few weeks so stick to Smoothwaves for all the updates.

What got you into music, and hip hop specifically?
“Basically just listening to hip-hop all of my life; It wouldn’t feel right for me to do anything but help people experience good music.”

Last album you listened to? And favorite song right now?
“Last album? YC The Cynic by GNK . Favorite song would be “Atmosphere” by Became.”

What sets Present apart from the pack?
“My style and perspective really. I, as an individual, can bring a perspective that very little people have ever had before.”

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