Get familiar with Jack Larsen, the newest Smoothwaves Artist, and listen to the premiere of “How It Go”


Name: Jack Larsen- Twitter
Stage Name: Jack Larsen- Soundcloud
Hometown: St. Charles, IL
Age: 17

Smooth Waves is proud to announce that Jack Larsen will now be a part of the team here. Just a senior in high school, Jack has a lot of potential. The 17 year old will be attending Belmont University next fall and plans to continue working on music. Jack is a very versatile artist but is definitely best at singing. Learn more about him and check out some  of his work below.

Some background info:
I spend most of my time listening to music in my basement where I do all my production and work. I only starting making music a few years back, but I’ve always been singing around my house and for my parents—the only reason I recorded my first song was to get the girl I was crushing on. I showed my friend the song, and I told him to not show anyone. Of course, he did, and it spread around school. I was scared at first, of what people thought, but they liked it. I just started making more music from then on.

Who has influenced you most in your music?
I really like Iman Omari because he’s very experimental and his music is very chill which is the type I like making. Gambino is another artist I really admire because he sings and raps which I do as well.

What was the last album you listened to all the way through?
I just finished listening to all of ‘Cilvia Demo’ for like the 100th time. Definitely my favorite album of 2014 so far. Isaiah Rashad is the man


What sets you apart from the pack?
Every dude is a rapper these days. I like to rap, but I can also sing as well. I’ve been making a lot of hooks for people and I guess that’s what makes me stick out a little.

Do you have any projects coming out in the future?
Nah. I’m focusing on making some good singles that’ll blow me up or something. I really wanna make some good videos to the songs I have out right now as well.

What got you into music?
My parents would always blast music when I was a little kid and I loved to groove to it. I always sang along to the radio and stuff.

Of your songs, which is your favorite?
Cold Like December.

Check out the premiere of Jack’s newest track “How It Go,” easily some of his best work to date.


On the one year anniversary of Acid Rap, Chance The Rapper gives us a new song: “I Am Very Very Lonely.”


On the one year anniversary of Chance’s breakout debut album Acid Rap, the young Chicagoan drops off a new song for your listening pleasure. On “I Am Very Very Lonely” he raps about all of the lonely activities he finds himself doing, such as smoking, watching TV and fixing the dishwasher.

DJ Khaled- “They Don’t Love You No More” Featuring Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Meek Mill & French Montana


DJ Khaled delivers a clear cut banger with this bad boy. Jay-Z fires at the NCAA and Drake (He has 4 bars and if that is all he said the song would still slap), Meek Mill snaps in the introduction, Rick Ross holds his weight (No pun intended) and French Montana bends the hook with his auto-tuned vocals. This one will defiantly need a rap genius look up in the near feature. Expect this banger to be all over the radio soon. Check out the stream below.