Rap needs more of this: FYÜTCH takes a stand on the N-word in lieu of situation w/ Clippers manager Donald Sterling


We’ve only posted one song by FYÜTCH before and sadly enough we used the wrong picture for the post, which he told us wasn’t him, so thanks FYÜTCH! Anyways, with the recent situation involving Clippers Manager Donald Sterling, FYÜTCH took to the studio to offer his 2 cents on the matter, as well as his opinion of the N-word. Check out “Pull Your Pants Up” below and see what FYÜTCH had to say about this one:

“Given recent racial tensions with the Donald Sterling situation, I decided to use this as an opportunity to speak out about how much I hate the word NIGGA/NIGGER and how much mainstream hip hop isn’t helping blacks progress past our same stereotypes that most people view us”. -FYÜTCH