Album Review: Ro Ransom Is The Future, or is he?


Download RRITF in it’s entirety HERE.

Two years since his last mixtape, Ransomnia, and following a slew of high quality, hype building singles, Ro Ransom Is The Future is finally here.

When I first heard that Ro was coming close to finishing RRITF I immediately went to my iTunes library and put on Ransomnia. The 2012 mixtape boasted killer features from Trae The Truth, Rich Hil and Casey Veggies. With equally as impressive production from Chuck Inglish, Xaphoon Jones and Cardo. From start to finish Ransomnia was everything Ro needed to do to get some serious attention. So, naturally, when I heard that RRITF was close to completion I was very excited.

I seriously thought Ro Ransom was the future. But, after multiple listens through RRITF I’m not so sure. The project is definitely cohesive, in terms of theme and listening from one track to the next. However, there’s something missing. The overall quality of the tape is not up to par with something that’s considered “futuristic.” It sounds more like a mixtape from someone recording onto their macbook than someone in the studio trying to become a force to be reckoned with. The skits throughout the tape are pretty disruptive too. I’m not a big skit fan at all, but these ones are just flat-out uninteresting.

That being said, I’m still a huge Ro Ransom fan. He’s one of my favorite artists currently on the come up. There are a few things that saved this project. The production was spectacular, thanks to RobGotBeats and Jayex. Also, I think there was a really nice mixture of Ro hitting those higher, moodier notes and his rapping.

This tape was mediocre. Maybe I was just expecting too much. Either way, I’ll still listen to this when it comes up on shuffle in the future and I’m excited to see where Ro goes from here.


Some standout tracks are: “Party In The Dark, “Hallucinate,” and “See You There.”

Written by JW

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