Premiere: MC’s “Sans 1995” Video & Welcome Him as the Newest Artist to Join the SW Team!

Photo by Jesse Wiles
Photo by Jesse Wiles

A few weeks after releasing his debut single, “Sans 1995,” MC is back with a video to accompany the song, and it’s dope. The start of the video finds MC singing quietly in an arcade while the camera follows two girls around. Old movie clips come in randomly during the video that fit in perfectly with the overall theme. Before the Pulp Fiction clip begins MC can be seen walking through a plant-filled conservatory with a girl at his side, before she turns and walks away, leaving him alone. This isn’t just a music video, in MC’s words it’s a “visual interpretation.”

Despite the somber tone and vintage visuals, the video, and song, leave you feeling refreshed and wanting more. Still very young and without much work to his name, MC seems to have found an identity and sound that fits himself very well. Something that’s tough for a lot of artists to find. This isn’t the music that you’re going to “turn up” to, this isn’t for the radio, or for World Star, or for Vine. It’s something better, it’s honest and raw and full of something for everyone.

Watch the video below and share it with your friends.

MC is also now a member of our Smooth Waves Artist Team. An interview with him will be out soon!

Written by Jesse Wiles


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