Kendrick Lamar- “King Kunta”

359092Kendrick Lamar’s very highly anticipated second major label album To Pimp A Butterfly is right around the corner and set to release on March 23rd. To tide some people over, “King Kunta” has made it’s way to the internet. This is a warning that technically this is the second song on the album and it taken out of context of the story that will be To Pimp A Butterfly. Either way, the song is quite the departure from what Kendrick has done previously. “King Kunta” is a funk driven tune with heavy emphasis on the bass line as Kendrick’s voice sounds more like an instrument than just a rapper rapping over a beat. It is extremely interesting and just builds the anticipation that much more for the album. Hypetrak has a full stream on there site here if you want to check the song out before the release of the album. To Pimp A Butterfly is out March 23rd, be ready.

Written by E.L.


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