Performances of New Music Live Is Saving Hip-Hop

022515-music-kanye-west-brit-awards.jpgWith all the hype that surrounds new releases and internet drops of new music, it seems like a lot of it gets lost in the crowd. How did it feel to see Kanye perform “All Day” for the very first time at The BRIT Music Awards? It was absolutely amazing. No one had heard the final version of the song except for a handful of people. Yes, people had an idea that there was a song Ye’ had been working on called “All Day” and their had been some rough leaks, but no one expected him to perform the song live before it’s CD quality release. Pharrell and Snoop Dogg had done it a a Grammy pre-party as well with “Peaches N’ Cream”. And look at all the hype that song had with just a 15 second clip from the crowd. I get even more excited when I hear stuff for the first time live. It means the artist is so confident in his work to premiere it to a live audience, with no such feedback before. Drake did the same thing a few years ago during the MTV Video Music awards with “Hold On, We’re Going Home”. That was an awesome moment as well. With all the leaks and anticipation with these releases, this is the way to go for every hip-hop artist coming up. So much of the music is getting better and better, so why not build up the hype by performing your work live? Kanye was so successful during his performance and release of “All Day” and “Wolves” that they became the official music videos for the songs. I can’t imagine I’m the only one  who gets little kid excited to hear new music for the first time live. It builds hype and anticipation for not just the song to be released on the internet, but the artists’ whole projects. If artists follow these trends, it will save not just hip-hop, but the music industry as a whole.

Written by E.L.


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