All I’m listening to tonight is “a wizard told me” by Ameer Vann


“And I ain’t seen the sun in a while. But, i can feel it on my skin when you touch me.. that’s love”

Often when I hear a new song and start to write about it I’ll talk about who produced it and what the artist has on the way, blah blah blah. You’ve heard all that shit before. Ameer Vann’s “a wizard told me” switched things up for me. I’ve listened to this track at least 25 times now in a row and I love it. I don’t even know what it is, I just love it. All of the lyrics are dope and heavy, full of passion and emotion. A little more than halfway through the song he switches. The tempo picks up and things get hectic. Ameer can be heard screaming about how wishes he were more aware and how he wishes god could hear him. After the brief moment of anger he switches back to a slightly more low-key (in comparison) delivery, rapping about wanting a change in the weather. You’re going to want to listen to this.

Written by Jesse Wiles


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