Here’s all you need to listen to today: “Nobody Hangs Out Anymore” by London O’Connor


“All my friends are on the net and all my friends are in the net. And all of us are out of it and none of us are into it.”

London O’Connor came through today with the vibes. This is the first song I’ve heard by the singer/ rapper (he’s somewhere in between those). His latest song “Nobody Hangs Out Anymore” is an ode to the newest generation of kids growing up through the internet age. You don’t hang out outside anymore, you don’t need to use your imagination for games. You’ve got a little screen in your palm and all your friends are right there. You’re going to want to listen to this. It’s very nice, there’s a lot of potential with this guy. London’s album O∆ comes out June 23rd and you can bet that it’ll be right here on Smooth Waves.

Written by Jesse Wiles


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