[BEEF] Apparently Young Thug’s tour manager was the one who shot at Lil Wayne’s tour bus


And the plot thickens…

An arrest has been made in connection with the shooting of Lil Wayne’s tour bus last month in Atlanta. Jimmy Carlton Winfrey was apprehended by police and charged with aggravated assault, terroristic threats, firearm possession by a felon, and criminal gang activity, all in connection to the shooting of Weezy’s bus. According to (TMZ)

Although it isn’t confirmed to be true yet, apparently, Winfrey, also known as PeeWee Roscoe, was Thugger’s road manager. And to add to the story, pictures of the two of them can be found on Winfrey’s Instagram, at the gun range together, of all places.We’ll keep you updated as this story inevitably unfolds.

Can’t say Wayne wasn’t warned…

And them boys in Atlanta they don’t play yeah.
And them boys from Atlanta tote them K’s yeah.
And them boys from Atlanta got bananas for these monkeys nigga
I got plenty ammo for your family nigga

Written by Jesse Wiles


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