[Song of The Day] Lindsay Lowend’s moody and thought provoking single “June 17 (2015)”

I was having trouble figuring out what to say about this track, until I checked out the description Antonio Mendez gave it. Not sure whether the description (below) has so much to do with the overall feel of the song or if it’s just something he wanted to say to listeners. For me, it definitely fits with the mood of the song. Read his description below and check out the song above.

“Cavernous sorrow accompanied by acute optimism–optimism achieved through self-education. The more I teach myself about psychology, the less stinging I feel from “negative” emotions (in quotations because they’re actually attributing to positive growth).

You can laugh at this–that’s fine. I just feel a little sorry for the people that do. Most people have been there and we all know it. If you haven’t, ask yourself if you’ve loved strongly enough. I dunno: I’m far from the first person to have experienced this (yea, no shit). Still, feels so good to put myself out there. Living a life without giving back to mankind in at least some small, genuine capacity is hollow to me. Why the hell do you think I make music?”

– Antonio Mendez aka Lindsay Lowend

Written by Jesse Wiles


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