Vince Staples- “Summertime ’06” (Album Stream)

large-1Vince Staples’ debut album, Summertime ’06 is finally out and available to stream. NPR was lucky and nice enough to host the stream a whole week early. You can stream Summertime ’06 right here. The album has two sides with 10 songs each and has features from the likes of Daley, Jhené Aiko,  DJ Dahi, Joey Fatts, Kilo Kush, Snoh Aalegra, Haneef Talib, Desi Mo and A$ton Matthews. Don’t miss out and check the album out. Vince Staples is the truth and his come up has been amazing. Also, check out the track listing below.

Disc 1

1. Ramona Park Legend pt. 1

2. Lift Me Up

3. Norf Norf

4. Birds & Bees feat. Daley

5. Loca

6. Lemme Know feat. Jhené Aiko & DJ Dahi

7. Dopeman feat. Joey Fatts & Kilo Kish

8. Jump Off The Roof feat. Snoh Aalegra

9. Señorita 

10. Summertime

Disc 2

11. Ramona Park Legend pt. 2

12. 3230

13. Surf feat. Kilo Kish

14. Might Be Wrong feat. Haneef Talib aka GeNNo & eeeeeeee

15. Get Paid feat. Desi Mo

16. Street Punks

17. Hang N’ Bang feat. A$ton Matthews

18. C.N.B.

19. Like It Is

20. ‘06

Written by E.L.


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