[Premiere] New single “Weekend Warriors” by MC & The Visions and the trailer for upcoming album OREO

Photo by Jesse Wiles
MC & The Visions. Photo by Jesse Wiles
MC & The Visions is back! Today we get the first single off of his upcoming album OREO, which is set to drop later this fall. The single, titled “Weekend Warriors,” gives listeners some insight as to what the album will be like, in terms of content, vibe and message.

A light, mellow production offers a nice contrast to the serious nature of what MC sings about in “Weekend Warriors.” He says, “the song is mostly about how unthankful our generation has become, like people are so invested in looks, appearances and false causes. They’re not even thankful for the fact that they have a roof over their head. I remember growing up in high school, people tried to be something they weren’t all the time, a “weekend warrior,” acting differently to impress people.” A sound that’s reminiscent of Frank Ocean and the ability to sing, with ease, about sensitive contemporary issues, primarily race, from a point of view that you don’t hear from much in music, the black middle class, makes for a very interesting sound. His album OREO will be his first full length project to date and I’m incredibly excited to get to hear it. The album will also feature a lot of video work to give listeners a more complete experience. You can check out the official trailer and song below.

Regarding the album MC stated,“OREO” is an exploration of growing up black in the middle class and how that affected me and others. You’re not around black Americans as much so it kind of changes your point of view of things. I struggled to reconcile my ethnicity for a long time and this is kind of an airing out of all that. I want all the kids who’ve experienced similar things to realize their not alone and I want people on the outside to recognize the errors of preconceptions and stuff like that.”

written by Jesse Wiles

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