[Must Listen] Ta-Ku and Wafia do wonderful things on “American Girl” a cover of Estelle’s “American Boy”


Man. “American Boy,” by Estelle featuring Kanye West, was a super dope song. Covering it in the traditional sense would have been a waste of time, much like everyone still covering and remixing Drake’s “Hotline Bling” (pls stop). Ta-Ku and Wafia take this song and do a complete 180. Moody violins and emotion filled vocals turn this upbeat single into a totally different song. You can’t even compare the two in the end because Ta-Ku and Wafia do such a good job making something new. Here’s what Ta-Ku had to say about the song and how it came into fruition:

“American Girl started as a joke when I was watching old Kobe Bryant highlights and Estelle’s ”American Boy” was the soundtrack. I really wanted to make a stripped back #emotional version that would play on its really great melodic structure. I reached out to my lovely friend @Wafia to sing a duet with me & mustered enough courage to jump on the first verse. I’m very proud of this song. I hope you enjoy it.”

Written by Jesse Wiles


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