[NEW] Leks Rivers gets Innanet James on his “Soho Knights” remix

leks rivers

Man, I love Leks Rivers’ music. The Londoner has been relatively quiet since I discovered him but I just take that to mean he’ll be releasing a lot of unheard music soon. Today, we get the remix to his “Soho Knights” track, which is one of my favorite songs from him. Innanet James, of Maryland, hops on this cut. Leks had this to say about the song and Innanet James below:

“It worked really smoothly, despite it being a song that was made when both artists weren’t in the same room—which I usually hate. He’s raw, he’s got energy, and he’s got something to say so I fuck with that. He was always gonna be on this song, we were just two kids heading down different roads at midnight and bumped into each other at the junction. This is the result and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!”

Written by Jesse Wiles


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