Kid Cudi has changed, but I still love him. Stream ‘SB2H’ right here


Anyone who knows me knows I love Cudi, maybe more than Kanye, maybe more than Mick Jenkins. When he dropped WZRD I snagged the hard copy and listened to it for months. I loved it. Most people I knew hated it,  “Why is Cudi doing rock?” or, “He’s a rapper this sucks.” A lot of people I had listened to MOTM I & II with simply stopped listening to Cudi after that album. People need to realize that Cudi is still Cudi. Just because he’s making a genre you don’t listen to doesn’t mean you should close your ears to it. I’m not going to sit here and try to attribute Cudi’s genre switch to anything, because like everyone else, I have no ida why he switched up. However, his music is still phenomenal. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ll never get another album like MOTM or MOTM II, the old Cudi is gone. However, this new Cudi should make Cudi fans feel good. Although a lot of the themes in this album are similar to past albums and there’s a heavy feel to it, a lot is different. Cudi seems happier, there are light hearted moments, Beevis and Butthead narrate the album for God’s sake. Kid Cudi is an artist, and he’s changed styles, the content may sound different but the message is still the same, and I still love it.

Written by Jesse Wiles


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