[FRESH] Quentin Miller releases new project with Vic Mensa feature


Quentin Miller is a pretty interesting dude. The Atlanta based rapper has multiple writing credits on If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and was involuntarily part of the Meek Mill and Drake beef as the alleged ghostwriter on R.I.C.O.. But he puts out his own stuff too; he makes up one half the duo of WDNG Crshrs along with TheCoolisMac and has two mixtapes on Soundcloud, most recently Hey! Thanks a Lot 3. On it, Vic Mensa teams up with Miller on ‘Half,’ a very vibey track. ‘Thanks from Juicy’ is literally a goofy shout out from Juicy J to Miller, so it’s safe to say he gives his approval. Quentin Miller is an artist to keep an eye on as he’s indelibly linked to many powerhouse names and it will be interesting to see what his work will entail in the future. Listen to Hey! Thanks a Lot 3 below.

Written by Claire Miller

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