Goldlink remixes Kelela’s “Rewind” and it’s perfect


GoldLink’s been killing everything he touches lately. His album And After That We Didn’t Talk was one of the best of this past year, and it had the dopest title of any mixtape or album. His most recent piece of work comes in the form of a remix of Kelela’s song “Rewind.” He provides a boost of energy and his signature bounce while retaining the original aspects that made this song beautiful. The track was premiered on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show the other day and found it’s way into my ears earlier this evening. Give it a listen below and check out what Kelela had to say about the remix by Goldlink:

“It’s everything that I wanted,” she said. “He’s so smart. The remix is so smart. It’s one of the smartest ones that I’ve heard in a long time. And it’s such a beautiful nod to the old school remix, which was a true rework, where you know all the parts but feel like they’re being placed in a different context… Also, his nod back to garage. It’s almost like he was speaking directly to me.”


Written by Jesse Wiles


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