B.o.B. Sends Shots At Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Neil and BoB

After sharing his unpopular theories on the shape of the earth yesterday via Twitter. Saying, “Once you go flat, you never go back,” and “NASA forgot to put stars in all the photos of Earth.” His pride was hurt by prestigious astro-physicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson when he pointed out the holes in B.o.B.’s logic.

In response, B.o.B. does what any rapper would do when challenged in such a public manner, he wrote a diss track. Some notable bars from “Flatline” include: “Globalists see me as a threat, Neil Tyson better loosen up his vest.” ” Heliocentrism you were the sixth victim.” Although I don’t necessarily agree with the theory he’s arguing, I will admit the track is kinda hot. I’ve got my fingers crossed that Tyson will dip his toes in the rap game and return fire. Check out “Flatline” below.

Written by: Asa Hatten


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