Kendrick Lamar is singlehandedly revitalizing hip-hop


As LL Cool J promised, Kendrick Lamar’s 2016 Grammy performance was provocative and controversial. Mashing up  “The Blacker the Berry”, “Alright” and a previously unheard verse, Kendrick delivers the Grammy performance that this country needed. Making the white viewers uneasy while empowering and exposing the culture of Compton and Black America. This Grammy performance is an especially timely follow-up to Beyoncé’s Super Bowl show. The public is being forced to realize that some of their favorite celebrities are no different than the people being oppressed in Ferguson, Chicago, Compton, and basically every other city in the U.S. Shout out to Beyoncé and Kendrick for utilizing their role as a figure in the public eye to spark change. View Kendrick’s Grammy performance below.

Kendrick Grammy Performance

Written by: Asa Hatten

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