Here’s the best song of 2016 so far: Skepta’s “Ladies Hit Squad”


This song is everything right now. I know it came out a week ago but I was on the train when it dropped and I couldn’t post and then I just never got around to it. 2016 is the year of Grime. With Skepta’s upcoming 4th studio album Konnichiwa on the way and a slew of other UK rappers who could hold their own on American waves better than most Americans, it looks as though we’ll be hearing a lot more of that UK accent this year. That being said, A$AP Nast, D Double E and Skepta absolutely body this track. The song starts with an intoxicating hook from Nast, who’s probably my favorite instagram personality. D Double E then hits the mic running, beginning his verse with his signature “Budubupbup.” Skepta then comes in with one of the most relaxed verses I’ve heard him spit in a while. Dropping raunchy lines like “I’m gonna hit the G-spot when I get the jeans off/ Press on the gas and then I ease off/ Kiss on your neck, there you go, ease off.” And flex worthy lines such as “Saw your girlfriend, you don’t need advice/ Always in your ear like, “He’s not nice”/ She’s just upset cause she got juiced in the bunk bed.” All in all, this songs plays like a faux RnB/ hip hop hit from ’08 with the stylings of a top grime record and a hook that will be stuck in your head for days. Peep the video below.

Written by Jesse Wiles

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