Album Review: The Sun’s Tirade


The Sun’s Tirade casts Isaiah Rashad in a different statefrom where he left off two years ago with the release of his breakout debut Cilvia Demo. While a lot of the themes are similar throughout The Sun’s Tirade, Rashad is different. His words have more urgency. He’s older, almost exhausted.

Since Cilvia Demo, self destruction has steered his course. Almost getting kicked off his label three timesfor struggling with alcohol and, the latest choice drug of rappers, Xanax. The wear and tear is evident from the jump. “4r The Sqaw,” gets things off to a somber start. On the hook, Rashad raps, “you ain’t nothing but a baby, your fear is growing up.” On the last hook, the emphasis switches from his fear of growing up to his “fear” growing up, signifying a possible escape from captivity. However, at this point in the album the future looks…

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