Is Kendrick Lamar releasing a second album this Sunday?


Everyone loves to speculate and the internet is the best place to do it. While listening to Kendrick Lamar’s newest album DAMN. I decided to check out what Reddit thought about it, specifically subreddits like ‘R/HipHopHeads’ and ‘r/KendrickLamar.’ Most of the comments regarding DAMN were positive, and deservedly so, it’s a phenomenal album. However, I kept seeing references to the second album. Immediately I thought to myself, “Jesus, it’s been like 12 hours since this was released and people are already asking for more.” But, that wasn’t the case.

There’s a conspiracy floating around Reddit stating that Kendrick Lamar might be dropping another album this Sunday, April 16. While I’m hesitant to believe conspiracies in general and especially conspiracies about celebrities, the evidence presented is much more believable and rooted in fact than a lot of the clickbait you see on a daily basis. From conspiracies that Kendrick is pulling a Jesus, dying and rising again this Sunday, to comparisons to 2Pac, to a revenge conspiracy involving Kanye West, Reddit has done an incredible job of scraping together bits and pieces of evidence that point towards a potential second album from Cornrow Kenny.

Below is a list of some of the theories pointing toward a second album:

  1. The “2Pac/ Kendrick” Conspiracy (This one seems a little far fetched, but stranger things have happened.)
  2. The “Crip/ Blood Contrast”  Conspiracy (Seems pretty plausible)
  3. Flying Lotus retweets speculation post. (Ehhh, doesn’t hold much weight)
  4. On The Heart Part IV Kendrick says, “I said it’s like that, dropped one classic, came right back ‘Nother classic, right back My next album, the whole industry on a ice pack With TOC, you see the flames.”
  5. The “No physical copies for sale because it will be a double album package” Conspiracy. (Maybe?)
  6. The “Kendrick Dies in DAMN. and rises from the dead in second album” Conspiracy. (Sounds nice, who knows.)
  7. The “Kendrick will drop no album because he’s dead and wants revenge on Kanye” Conspiracy. (LMAO, this one is a little farfetched.)

Written by Jesse Wiles

Listen to a new single from MF Doom and Danger Mouse called “Mad Nice”


MF Doom and Danger Mouse’s 2005 collaboration The Mask and The Mouse is being reissued this month. The duo is rereleasing that album and their other collaborative EP Occult Hymn in physical form, along with new apparel, bonus tracks and other previously unreleased material. One of the unreleased singles “Mad Nice” features Black Thought and Vinny Price. If you’re interested in learning more about how to purchase the rerelease check this out.

Written by Jesse Wiles

Mac DeMarco drops off a dreamy new song called “On The Level”


Mac DeMarco has decided to liberate another track in preparation for the release of his upcoming album This Old Dog on May 5th. “On the Level” takes on a slower, less playful sound than his last few releases. The song is filled with sharp synths and an ethereal blanket of background synths and drums. Give it a listen below.

Written by Jesse Wiles

ASAP Ferg and Remy Ma drop off an East Coast inspired banger


Yeeesh. ASAP Ferg doesn’t even stop to take a breath on this track. Both he and Remy Ma drop vicious, military grade bars over bass heavy production featuring some grimy distorted guitar. You don’t want to miss out on this one. It sounds like Ferg is still in album mode, this track could definitely have been on Always Strive and Prosper. Give it a listen below.

Written Jesse Wiles

Chicago rappers Lucki Ecks and link up for “SPECIAL”


Lucki was supposed to drop off his highly anticipated project Watch My Back on April 10th but it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer. Until then, check out the latest cut from the windy city rapper “SPECIAL.” This track features and was produced by MEECH and PLU20.

The name of Lucki’s tape Watch My Back might have undergone some changes too, as he tweeted yesterday about changing it to Almighty So 2. Potentially an ode to Chief Keef. No matter what the tape ends up being called it should be impressive. Listen to “SPECIAL” below and keep an eye out for Watch My Back// Almighty So 2.


Written by Jesse Wiles