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The Weeknd- “False Alarm” (Official Video)


The Weeknd continues his new album campaign with a crazy new music video for his song “False Alarm.” A bank robbery, shootouts, car chases are just a taste of what you’ll watch in the video below. The perspective is in first person so the entire video feels like a level out of the latest Call of Duty. Be sure to watch below and go pre-order Starboy now on iTunes.

Written by Erik Lindberg

[MUST LISTEN] The Weeknd releases an 18 minute “leak” of upcoming album ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’


The Weeknd’s ascent to fame has been very interesting. Known for his raunchy, drug reference ridden r&b/ pop style, the Canadian native is looking to branch out from niche market internet hit maker to all out super star. Yesterday, he released an 18 minute teaser for his upcoming album Beauty Behind The Madness, and it’s niiice. Allowing us to momentarily forget about the lack of a Frank Ocean album in our lives, The Weeknd provides some much needed new content. Take a listen to the “leak” below and let us know how excited you are for this BBTM to release soon.

Written by Jesse Wiles

The Weeknd- “Pullin Up”

the-weeknd1With Meek Mill’s Dreams Worth More Than Money dropping last week, The Weeknd let loose his own solo version of the song he was featured on titled “Pullin Up.” To go along wit the song, Abel added a video or visual stimulator of him performing at what it looks to be like the BET awards. The song itself is awesome with or without Meek Mill and the video is definitely worth a listen. I mean, when is any Weeknd not welcome when your girl is around? Exactly. Press play below.

Written by E.L.