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Asher Roth, Michael Christmas, Larry June and Chuck Inglish team up on “Laundry”


I miss two things. One, Asher Roth making music like this, and two, when all artists dropped things through services that didn’t require a subscription. That being said, Asher, Larry June, Chuck Inglish and Michael Christmas sound great together. The mellow, slightly slap heavy beat creates the perfect soundscape for the four rappers to spit over. This will go slightly under the radar today because of the high profile collaborations that just dropped but it deserves your attention. Check it out below via Asher’s Soundcloud.

Written by Jesse Wiles


[Hash Wednesday, on a Thursday] Stream Asher Roth’s newest single “That’s All Mine”


Jessie Boykins III, Pac Div’s Like, & Asher Paul Roth.

New material from Asher Roth always puts a smile on my face. Asher is bringing back his Hash Wednesday’s series and for the first one in a while he drops a gem. “That’s All Mine” takes you back to simpler days, full of sunshine and warmth. Take a listen to “That’s All Mine” below.

Written by Jesse Wiles

Asher Roth & Fat Tony- “Sushi”

8XlDzU6Asher Roth and Fat Tony get together for the highly entertaining song and video titled “Sushi.” Most of you can guess the reference and it is so hilarious and catchy because they both killed it. You gotta watch and listen to the full track below and let us know what you think. Blended Babies killed the beat even though we are still waiting for their joint project with Ash. Only time will tell. Watch “Sushi” below.

Written by E.L.