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Get familiar with Tigertown by listening to new single “Lonely Cities”


With a very radio friendly vibe with subtle garage band undertones, Tigertown looks as though they’ll be making some major waves in 2016. Their latest single “Lonely Cities” is the title track to their upcoming EP which releases next week. The single perfectly encapsulates the idea of being super lonely, but still having fun, as the lyrics tell a sad story but the instrumentation keeps listeners on their feet. Give “Lonely Cities” a listen below and keep an eye out Lonely Cities, dropping next week.

Written by Jesse Wiles

Grace- “You Don’t Own Me” featuring G-Eazy

G-Eazy-Bobby-Bruderle-2-117-year old Australian pop artist Grace recently reworked Lesley Gore’s 1963 song “You Don’t Own Me” featuring G-Eazy. Both artists do a fantastic job modernizing the song when Grace’s voice sounds this good and G adds some pretty interesting bars. Don’t miss out and hit play below.

Written by E.L.

G-Eazy- “From The Bay To The Universe (The Pacific)”

070-bay_to_the_universe_new_york-0033G-Eazy delivers yet another video blog episode today. The Pacific episode follows G-Eazy and co. all the way to Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii. It is pretty awesome to see how far G has come in only a few years. Be sure to check out the entire episode below and go cop These Things Happen on iTunes today.

Written by E.L.

Hopsin announces his departure from rap, moving to Australia


Hopkin took to Twitter earlier to voice his frustrations with rap, the industry and the fact that his heart is no longer in his music. Personally, I think it’s awesome that he’s dropping everything. He’s not happy, his heart isn’t in it, go do something else. More artists, in similar situations, should do this. Instead of half-heartedly performing on stage and releasing subpar singles and bad albums. Check out some of Hopsin’s tweets below. What are your thoughts on the whole situation?


Written by Jesse Wiles