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The Weeknd- “Pullin Up”

the-weeknd1With Meek Mill’s Dreams Worth More Than Money dropping last week, The Weeknd let loose his own solo version of the song he was featured on titled “Pullin Up.” To go along wit the song, Abel added a video or visual stimulator of him performing at what it looks to be like the BET awards. The song itself is awesome with or without Meek Mill and the video is definitely worth a listen. I mean, when is any Weeknd not welcome when your girl is around? Exactly. Press play below.

Written by E.L.

Puff Daddy & The Family- “Finna Get Loose” featuring Pharrell

Puff-Daddy-The-Family-featuring-Pharrell-–-Finna-Get-Loose-3After Bad Boy’s performance at the BET Awards, Puff Daddy & The Family have release their first new music in years. Pharrell is on the hook/hypeman duties and the song will throw you right back into the 90’s. More music is set to drop the Diddy very soon so get ready. Stream “Finna Get Loose” below.

Written by E.L.

Kanye Watch: Rolling Stone names ‘808s & Heartbreak’ to their ‘Most Groundbreaking Albums of All Time’ list and BET is giving him a Visionary Award

Kanye West
Photo by Jesse Wiles

It’s a rare that you go a week without seeing Kanye’s name somewhere in the news. Whether it be for music, fashion or douchebaggery. This week he’s been all over the place. Rolling Stone named 808s & Heartbreak, one of my personal favorite albums of all time, to their list of the 40 Most Groundbreaking Albums of All Time. This album paved the way for much of what we hear today in hip hop and popular music in general.

Rolling Stone said this about 808s & Heartbreak: “Kanye West’s Auto-Tune-heavy, emotionally naked fourth album came after a brutal year during which his mother died and his engagement broke up, but the album’s cavernous sound and exposed-soul lyrics confused even those who had been aware of West’s recent trials. Its core aesthetic was like nothing in Hip Hop: freshly butchered feelings enumerated in detail, but masked by digital processing; beds of spare synths used to balance a mix of singing and rapping. However, over time it served as a new template for up-and-comers in Hip Hop and R&B. Drake cited West as his budding sound’s ‘most influential person’ when he was hustling mixtapes, while artists like Future further tweaked the idea of using Auto-Tune as a way to convey emotions that evoke too much feeling when spoken of explicitly.”

Today BET announced that they will be awarding Mr. West with a “Visionary Award” at their annual BET Awards on February 23rd.

BET had this to say about Ye: “Kanye West will be honored for his extraordinary contributions across the arts, including roles as a record producer, rapper, filmmaker and fashion designer. He’s a multifaceted trailblazer and pioneer whose accomplishments are all marked by his unique and forward-thinking approach.”

Written by Jesse Wiles