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Chuck Inglish and Blended Babies are EV Zepplin


As a part of their upcoming album together as EV Zepplin, Chuck Inglish and Blended Babies release “Chemdream” ft. Aston Mathews. Blended Babies deliver their typical well-crafted production and Chuck Inglish and Aston Mathews do the rest. This single has me excited to see what else EV Zepplin will have in store for their April 29 album release. Check out “Chemdream” below.

Written by Asa Hatten


Asher Roth & Fat Tony- “Sushi”

8XlDzU6Asher Roth and Fat Tony get together for the highly entertaining song and video titled “Sushi.” Most of you can guess the reference and it is so hilarious and catchy because they both killed it. You gotta watch and listen to the full track below and let us know what you think. Blended Babies killed the beat even though we are still waiting for their joint project with Ash. Only time will tell. Watch “Sushi” below.

Written by E.L.

Blended Babies- “Shadows” featuring Sir Michael Rocks, Asher Roth, Like & Jon B

largeBlended Babies put out another track yesterday titled “Shadows”. The track features Sir Michael Rocks, Asher Roth, Like and Jon B. It is crazy what happens musically and stylistically when all these artists and producers come together to make a track. Don’t miss out and listen to this smooth record below.

Written by E.L.

Blended Babies- “Sayin’ Whatever” featuring Asher Roth & Buddy (Official Video)

20141728f4d5085582ab85f26afe8c58306bde8eRemember “Say Whatever” by Blended Babies, Asher Roth and Buddy from last year? Well the trio just released a pretty unique and wild video for the track. They take on a mini golf course dress up in some outrageous costumes while shooting with a Go-Pro camera. Apparently, Asher’s next project is set to be produced entirely by Blended Babies and will be released in May. This year just keeps getting better and better. Watch the entire clip below.

Written by E.L.

Blended Babies- “On My Own” Featuring Lorine Chia & The Cool Kids

large-2Now this track is from the vault. Chicago based production team Blended Babies decided to release this gem that features The Cool Kids and Lorine Chia. Both Chuck Inglish and Sir Mikey Rocks verses are dope and Chia’s hook is great. No word on the status of The Cool Kids’ Shark Week, but hopefully it is almost done. Stay tuned and stream this track below.

Written by E.L.