Brockhampton just dropped off the most interesting music video of 2017 called “Star”


Pop culture references meets The Smurfs meets Brockhampton.

The latest effort from Brockhampton comes in the form of “Star.” Dom McLennon, Ameer Vann and Kevin Abstract all spit verses dripping in pop culture references while driving around in a golf cart. The trio is painted blue, Ameer Vann delivers half of his verse with his tin foil wrapped head in an open oven and he can be seen at times throughout the video wearing a faux fat suit of sorts. The video is interesting to say the least, it’s also a perfect introduction to the world of Brockhampton, created by Kevin Abstract. The “Star” portion of the video ends abruptly once Abstract gets Orange Juice thrown into his face following a reference to sharing last names with OJ Simpson. A snippet of an unreleased track follows “Star.” The similarly lo-fi effort sounds and looks a lot like something The Internet  would put out. Stay tuned for the track to release before the group’s collaborative mixtape Saturation comes out later this month.

Written by Jesse Wiles


Watch the first episode of Kevin Abstract’s Viceland show “American Boyband”


The first episode of Kevin Abstract’s Viceland show American Boyband is here. Titled “Makings of a Popstar,” the episode follows Kevin and Brockhampton as they make their way up the West Coast on the first leg of Abstract’s first headlining tour. According to Viceland, the series will follow Kevin along on his “mission to translate his faithful online following into real world success.” The rise of Kevin Abstract has been nothing short of inspiring and the show being put together by Vice does a great job of showing what Kevin and Brockhampton are all about.

Written by Jesse Wiles

Brockhampton is getting ready for a big year, watch their video for “Cannon” here


Brockhampton had a great 2016, the individual artists who make up the group all grew by themselves and that growth is apparent in their newest song/ video “Cannon.” Kevin Abstract, Merelyn Woods, Don McLennon, Bearface and Ameer Vann all contribute to the track. The group will hopefully be dropping the follow up to their 2016 project All American Trash in the coming months. Watch “Cannon” below and if you haven’t listened to All American Trash please familiarize yourself.

Written by Jesse Wiles

[FUNKY] Listen to Rodney Tenor’s “Sex Club Radio” (Prod. by JOBA)


Man oh man, this joint is super smooth. Rodney Tenor and JOBA team up to make “Sex Club Radio” the most pleasurable experience your ears have had in awhile. This single serves as Tenor’s debut release as part of Brockhampton. The eclectic boy band that has been making waves lately with their brash, in your face style that somehow manages to come across as very well calculated and somewhat nonchalant. The production on this is credited to JOBA who did a superb job of crafting the funky and mellow beat. Check out the track below.

Written by Jesse Wiles

Kevin Abstract’s boy band, BROCKHAMPTON, released a brand new song titled “Bet I”

brockKevin Abstract and his group BROCKHAMPTON have been hard at work on some new music. “BET I” is the first full song from the collective and I’m not about to lie to anybody, this shit is so far from anything I’ve listened to in awhile. Don’t worry though, that is a good thing and I can’t wait to hear where this group goes from here. The production is on point too. Stream “Bet I” below and keep checking back to Smooth Waves for more information on the group in the near future.

Written by E.L.