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The Cool Kids return with”TV Dinner”


Man do I love that these two are making music again. The Cool Kids are expected to include this track onto their upcoming album Super Edition Grand Master Deluxe. There is a video on Tidal as well. Show some love to Chicago and check it here.

Written by Erik Lindberg

The Cool Kids- “Connect Four”


Chuck and Mikey are BACK! Their latest single, “Connect Four”, off of their upcoming comeback album hit the net today and is bound to drop on iTunes on Friday. The beat is hype, the raps are tight, this is exactly what any Cool Kids fan could of asked for. The duo is even preforming in Chicago this weekend so if you are in town you gotta check it out. I can’t wait for more from the group and neither can you. Be on the lookout for more and check out “Connect Four” below.

Written by Erik Lindberg

The Cool Kids- “Running Man” featuring Maxo Kream


The Cool Kids are BACK! After a five year hiatus of recording together, Sir Mikey Rocks & Chuck Inglish put out some straight HEAT titled “Running Man.” Maxo Kream is recruited for a guest verse as well. Production is on point and Banco has one of the best verses in years on this bad boy. Make sure you stream this below and be on the lookout for Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe¬†coming soon!

Written by Erik Lindberg

Asher Roth, Michael Christmas, Larry June and Chuck Inglish team up on “Laundry”


I miss two things. One, Asher Roth making music like this, and two, when all artists dropped things through services that didn’t require a subscription. That being said, Asher, Larry June, Chuck Inglish and Michael Christmas sound great together. The mellow, slightly slap heavy beat creates the perfect soundscape for the four rappers to spit over. This will go slightly under the radar today because of the high profile collaborations that just dropped but it deserves your attention. Check it out below via Asher’s Soundcloud.

Written by Jesse Wiles

Chuck Inglish and Blended Babies are EV Zepplin


As a part of their upcoming album together as EV Zepplin, Chuck Inglish and Blended Babies release “Chemdream” ft. Aston Mathews. Blended Babies deliver their typical well-crafted production and Chuck Inglish and Aston Mathews do the rest. This single has me excited to see what else EV Zepplin will have in store for their April 29 album release. Check out “Chemdream” below.

Written by Asa Hatten