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Review of FACES: Post Frat-Rap Mac Miller is Exactly What We Need More Of.

Mac Miller just dropped off a 24 track mixtape last week titled Faces, the tape is allegedly one of four he’ll be dropping sporadically throughout 2014. From start to finish the tape flows very well, with a few puzzling features sprinkled throughout, and ultimately it’s a quality project that Mac can add to his fairly impressive resumé. He’s come leaps and bounds from where he was a few years ago. I had pretty much written him off as some one-hit-wonder frat rapper, however, he’s changed his style dramatically and is on his way to becoming a damn good producer as well.

Faces begins with a short track called “Inside Outside.” “Should have died already, came in I was high already,” Mac raps over a laid back, jazzy beat full of horns and drums. From the start it seems like Mac is sticking with what he’s best at.

A few songs later, Mac recruits Earl Sweatshirt for “Polo Jeans,” the first of two songs he’s featured on, the other being “New Faces v2.” The duo goes in on a more uptempo beat beginning with Mac’s verse and then Earl comes on, spitting an angry sounding verse that finishes off the song.

Skipping ahead to track #18 “Insomniak,” this is where the confusion begins for me as a listener. The whole tape so far has been slowed down, laid back, classic Mac Miller stoner vibes, then BOOM, Mac comes out of nowhere with a Rick Ross feature and a hard hitting MMG-esque beat. I was totally caught off guard the first time I heard it, it doesn’t make any sense. Not that I’m complaining, but the track doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the tape. Needless to say Ricky Rozay goes in on the beat and sounds like he’s perfectly at home. Mac does drop some impressive bars though, like this cut right here, “I could make a million puttin’ my lyrics on a tee
. Fearless, Jet Li, fourth quarter, Gretzky.
 Take your bitch, Joe Pesci, don’t test me. Don’t flex if you don’t got shit on me.”

All in all, the tape is nice, but way too long. 24 tracks?? He could have made this a double disc release. Had he cut the tape in two and gone with 12 tracks on each I think people would be talking a lot more about this project. Either way, the post frat-rap Mac Miller is a welcome addition to hip hop today. All in all, it’s definitely quality work and has me extremely excited for more Mac Miller in 2014.



Mother’s Day Mixtapes: Download Mac Miller’s 24 Track Project ‘Faces’


Mac Miller promised us a tape on Mother’s Day and he delivers. Giving us Faces, spanning 24 new tracks this is Mac’s first project of 2014 and hopefully not his last. Although no features are listed on the tape the likes of Rick Ross (‘Insomniak’), Earl Sweatshirt (‘Polo Jeans’ & ‘New Faces v2’), Mike Jones (‘Uber’), Sir Michael Rocks (‘What Do You Do’), Vince Staples (‘Rain’), and more appear throughout. Check it out below and be sure to wish your mom a happy Mother’s Day!

Download the tape here: AudioMack

Mac Miller Announces Title & Release Date of his next Project


Late last night, Mac took to twitter to announce his upcoming project and release date. Check out the tweet below. And it is unclear if this will be a physical release or a mixtape. Mother’s Day though should be a good one now. Be sure to check back here at Smooth Waves for more details.