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OG Maco releases a 3 track EP titled “Breathe,” concerning Ferguson, Darren Wilson and racial tensions in the US

OG Maco

“They call us nigg*rs, take our culture from us. Gotta deal with Iggy’s and them Macklemores. Black girls was twerking they was screaming “whores!” But Miley did it and she got a tour.”

OG Maco ditches his usual style on this Breathe EP. While still bringing the same amount of raw, angry energy, he channels it into a more thought-out approach. Rapping about race relations in America, Darren Wilson, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin and more.

The tape progresses nicely. Starting with “Get Down,” produced by Chuck Inglish, the song is pretty calm and leads nicely into the next track, “Do Better.” “Do Better” is another relatively laid back track, for Maco’s standards, which starts to pick up midway through, in content and tempo. On the final track of the EP, “Riot,” Maco airs everything out. He’s fed up and angry, screaming “Let’s destroy the system, I demand a riot.”

Written by Jesse Wiles


Tink releases new material titled “Tell The Children” (Prod. by Timberland)


In the wake of the decision to not indict officer Wilson in the killing of Mike Brown, Tink decided to release a song. On “Tell The Children,” she raps about current events and the way black people are treated nowadays. Stream the single below.

Written by Jesse Wiles


Song Of The Day: In Response to The Events Surrounding The Death Of Mike Brown, SHIRT Drops Off “Black Rage”


“It could’ve been me, another brown boy hit.”

We’ve posted a few songs in response to the tragic events that occurred a few weeks ago in Ferguson, Missouri and they were all pretty good. However, SHIRT just came through today with one of the best responses we’ve heard so far. Very short and to the point the rapper talks about how it could have been him who was shot and how blacks live in fear of the police. Check it out below and stick with us for more from SHIRT.

Music With a Message: “The Reporter” Ft. Nepierre by The Good People #Ferguson #MikeBrown


“We got our hands up, so put your guns down.”

With the unfortunate events happening, and escalating, day after day in Ferguson, Missouri we’ve seen a lot of the bad that people are capable of. However, we’ve seen a lot of good things as well, the power of humans. People uniting for one cause, striving for change. J. Cole visited the city and marched with the protesters and now The Good People a hip hop collective, with artists from across the US, have released a track in honor of everyone effected by the tragic events in Ferguson. Listen and share the track below.