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G-Eazy- “Running” & “You Got Me”

g eazy styleG-Eazy recently released two brand new songs for the debut of Apple Music. Luckily, someone¬†was nice enough to post both “Running” and “You Got Me” on¬†soundcloud. “You Got Me” has Gerald going crazy over a trap beat where he basically snaps and “Running” is the polar opposite. G spits some real bars about his best friend and the come up struggle. Both songs are great additions to Eazy’s relatively small catalog and we hope there is a lot more to come. Stream both “Running” and “You Got Me” below.

Written by E.L.

G-Eazy, KYLE & Skizzy Mars Mix Molly and Whiskey to Give us “Monica Lewinsky”


Let’s hope G-Eazy’s album is better than this…

In my opinion, if you name a song “Monica Lewinsky” it better hit hard and you better come correct. G-Eazy missed that memo I guess, as evident by his latest cut with KYLE and Skizzy. To me, this is garbage. The beginning, where G repeats “Monica Lewinsky” a few times, sounds like something out a bad dream or from one of Lil B’s songs. From start to finish I can’t stand this track, it had SO much potential and it fell flat almost everywhere. The one decent moment is when Skizzy drops his verse, aside from that? Absolutely turrible.