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Rick Ross Jumps On The Remix Of G-Eazy’s “I Mean It” Featuring Remo


With G-Eazy’s latest album These Things Happen blowing up the iTunes charts and being listened to all over the world, Rick Ross decides to get on the remix to G’s latest single “I Mean It”. Yes, Rick Ross and G-Eazy sounds like an interesting combo but it actually sounds pretty good. Ross does do the song justice with his usual flow and catchy ad-libs. Be sure to stream this below and go get These Things Happen on iTunes today if you haven’t done so already!


G-Eazy Drops “I Mean It” Featuring Remo


G-Eazy dropped another track off of These Things Happen yesterday. “I Mean It” bangs to put it simply. Luckily over here at Smooth Waves, we were able to witness G-Eazy perform it before it was even released on his most recent tour. You can check CDQ version down low and be sure to pre-order These Things Happen on iTunes, set to release on June 23rd.