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Smino, Jean Deaux and Sango have a hit, titled “Lemon Pon Goose”


This track is absolutely insane. The first 30 seconds sound like T-Pain and Akon in 2007, then Smino and Jean Deaux smash the fast forward button and take us directly to summer ’16. This NEEDS to be in your rotation. Word to Sango for the crazy production. Hands down the best song I’ve heard in a few months. Check it out on the low.

Written by Jesse Wiles

Jean Deaux releases the slightly disturbing visuals for “Motel 6”


This is the first time I’ve heard Jean Deaux and I’m a fan. Her voice is soft, beautiful and full of mystery. “Motel 6” is a slightly disturbing video that will hold your attention for the entire time. Check it out below and stay tuned for Jean’s debut mixtape¬†Solar System,¬†coming soon.