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Here’s the tracklist for Skepta’s upcoming album ‘Konnichiwa’


Mark your calendars for May 1st. That’s when Skepta’s long awaited album Konnichiwa is slated for release. Below you can check out the tracklist. To my dismay there’s not sign of Drake on the listing. I wanted a remix of “Ladies Hit Squad” with a crazy Drake line. Oh well, looks like we’ll have to wait for anything new from Drizzy and Skep. Konnichiwa has been on my radar for awhile and it’s shaping up to be one of the best albums of the year.

Corn On The Curb
Crime Riddim
It Ain’t Safe (ft. A$AP Bari)
Lukey World
Ladies Hit Squad (ft. A$AP Nast + D Double E)
Numbers (123)
Man (Laigon Life)
That’s Not Me (ft. Jme)
Text Me Back

Based on a True Story
Tracksuit Mafia


Written by Jesse Wiles

Here’s the best song of 2016 so far: Skepta’s “Ladies Hit Squad”


This song is everything right now. I know it came out a week ago but I was on the train when it dropped and I couldn’t post and then I just never got around to it. 2016 is the year of Grime. With Skepta’s upcoming 4th studio album Konnichiwa on the way and a slew of other UK rappers who could hold their own on American waves better than most Americans, it looks as though we’ll be hearing a lot more of that UK accent this year. That being said, A$AP Nast, D Double E and Skepta absolutely body this track. The song starts with an intoxicating hook from Nast, who’s probably my favorite instagram personality. D Double E then hits the mic running, beginning his verse with his signature “Budubupbup.” Skepta then comes in with one of the most relaxed verses I’ve heard him spit in a while. Dropping raunchy lines like “I’m gonna hit the G-spot when I get the jeans off/ Press on the gas and then I ease off/ Kiss on your neck, there you go, ease off.” And flex worthy lines such as “Saw your girlfriend, you don’t need advice/ Always in your ear like, “He’s not nice”/ She’s just upset cause she got juiced in the bunk bed.” All in all, this songs plays like a faux RnB/ hip hop hit from ’08 with the stylings of a top grime record and a hook that will be stuck in your head for days. Peep the video below.

Written by Jesse Wiles