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Yellow Days returns with an angsty single titled “So Terrified of Your Mind”


Yellow Days is back. The London native who first caught our attention with his Harmless Melodies EP just released another slow burning melody dripping with angst and longing. “So Terrified of Your Mind” showcases his vocal range as he stretches his voice over a quiet backdrop of keys. Check out the single below and if you haven’t listened to Harmless Melodies yet give it a listen via his Soundcloud.

Written by Jesse Wiles

[Happy Birthday] Novelist’s 2 hour set for Radar Radio is where it’s at


To celebrate his 19th birthday, yes, this man is just 19 years old, Novelist put together an action packed 2 hour set for Radar Radio London. The set features Skepta, P Money, Jammer, Chip, YGG, Blackz, Shorty and others. The boards are manned by Grandmixxer, Courts and Travis T. This serves as a nice introduction to anyone who wants to familiarize themselves with the genre of grime. Novelist is one of the frontrunners in the genre and 2016 is going to be big for him and for the genre as a whole. Get familiar below.

Written by Jesse Wiles

[Listen] “HOOPS’ by London native JONES


I’ve personally been focusing on a lot of UK music lately. Specifically grime, JONES was a nice reminder to me that London has a lot of different, very good, music coming out. And that there’s a genre outside of hip hop and rap. Give her track “HOOPS” a listen below. She’s got a beautiful voice that moves wonderfully over the production on “HOOPS.”


Written by Jesse Wiles

[NEW] Leks Rivers gets Innanet James on his “Soho Knights” remix

leks rivers

Man, I love Leks Rivers’ music. The Londoner has been relatively quiet since I discovered him but I just take that to mean he’ll be releasing a lot of unheard music soon. Today, we get the remix to his “Soho Knights” track, which is one of my favorite songs from him. Innanet James, of Maryland, hops on this cut. Leks had this to say about the song and Innanet James below:

“It worked really smoothly, despite it being a song that was made when both artists weren’t in the same room—which I usually hate. He’s raw, he’s got energy, and he’s got something to say so I fuck with that. He was always gonna be on this song, we were just two kids heading down different roads at midnight and bumped into each other at the junction. This is the result and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!”

Written by Jesse Wiles

[THE BRITISH ARE COMING] Danny Seth’s album ‘Perception’ is truly beautiful


After three years of work, Perception is finally here. This album is an adventure, from beginning to end. For the most part I’m not a fan of rappers from from London and the UK. I honestly find the accent to be a little overwhelming and exhausting, it takes away from flows and makes it difficult for me to listen. That’s not the case at all with Danny. I could listen to this for hours on end. His ability to blend the accent with the beats he goes in over is unrivaled. I’m not going to talk too much about the album because Danny has said much more than I can say (Below). However, I will say that this might be my favorite project of the year so far, and it’s free.

Here is the album, which is bounced as one track so you can really hear the transitions and scoring that has gone into the album. I have spent three years creating this album, I call it an album even though its free because I want it to be treated like one. The whole story of the album starts off by how my own hometown didn’t accept what I was doing. Being white, jewish and from London, trying to make U.S. hip-hop, I never let anyone tell me I couldn’t make the music I always loved, so I kept going, and realized people were listening.
I didn’t do a visual in three years because I wanted people to listen to what I have to say and not judge me for what I look like. This is why I chose the title Perception. This word has such a deep meaning in so many ways. some may take one listen to the album and pass it on, others will look deep and see the hidden messages i have hidden in there, or some will even make up their own. Everything is about how you, the listener, perceives it. I cannot tell you what to think of it, that is up to you.

“You may or may not notice the track-listing makes 3 sentences. It is really how deep you choose to look into the art, the tracklisting, and even the songs themselves. Listen to the album as the one track bounce that I created it as and really submerge yourself in it, and listen to the story.”

Written by Jesse Wiles