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OG Maco- “Night Like This”


OG Maco decided to liberate a new track this morning via his soundcloud. “Night Like This” is pretty laid back compared to what we’re used to from OG Maco. It’s a quality listen, check it out below.

Written by Jesse Wiles


OG Maco releases a 3 track EP titled “Breathe,” concerning Ferguson, Darren Wilson and racial tensions in the US

OG Maco

“They call us nigg*rs, take our culture from us. Gotta deal with Iggy’s and them Macklemores. Black girls was twerking they was screaming “whores!” But Miley did it and she got a tour.”

OG Maco ditches his usual style on this Breathe EP. While still bringing the same amount of raw, angry energy, he channels it into a more thought-out approach. Rapping about race relations in America, Darren Wilson, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin and more.

The tape progresses nicely. Starting with “Get Down,” produced by Chuck Inglish, the song is pretty calm and leads nicely into the next track, “Do Better.” “Do Better” is another relatively laid back track, for Maco’s standards, which starts to pick up midway through, in content and tempo. On the final track of the EP, “Riot,” Maco airs everything out. He’s fed up and angry, screaming “Let’s destroy the system, I demand a riot.”

Written by Jesse Wiles

OG Maco dropped a vicious new track the other day, stream “Armageddon” here



OG Maco wants 2015. If he keeps this up, next year is all his. He’s been making waves lately with his breakout single “U Guessed It,” dropping off a self-titled EP earlier this week, as well as releasing his OGG The Movie video recently. Maco, with his vicious flow and aggressive lyrics, really sets himself apart from the rest of rap. He’s hungry, and the future is bright.

Written by Jesse Wiles