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Murda Beatz & PartyNextDoor collaborate on “Don’t Let The Summer Pass”


This song is a jam. Murda Beatz makes an incredible beat and PartyNextDoor sings more than his usual slurred, Drugged out, watered down Toronto approach. This is exactly what the world needed more of on PND’s latest album PND3, which wasn’t all that great. Anyway, this song is good and you should check it out.

Written by Jesse Wiles

Check out an unreleased version of “Work” by PARTYNEXTDOOR and Drake


Despite the obnoxious repetition of “Work,” the song was a hit. It spent nine consecutive weeks at #1 before Desiigner’s “Panda” took over this week. What a lot of people probably don’t know about “Work” is that PARTYNEXTDOOR co-wrote the song with Rihanna. Today, PND dropped an unreleased version of the song featuring an alternate verse from Drake. Give it a listen below and tell us which you like more.

Written by Jesse Wiles

[New] PartyNextDoor ft. Amir Obe “I’m Good”


New music from PartyNextDoor is always a good thing. Today, we get a new track titled “I’m Good” produced by Amir Obè. This is a different sound than what we’re used to hearing from PND. Instead of the slowed down, melodic delivery he opts instead for a scratchier, almost faux-autotune effect, not sure if I like it or not yet. Take a listen to the radio rip below via audiomack and check back later for the CDQ version of the song.

Listen to, and download “I’m Good” right here, via Audiomack.

Written by Jesse Wiles

Skyler Gray- “PARTYNEXTDOOR” featuring Nahlige & “The End”

artworks-000107960209-umvj0v-t500x500Skyler Gray hit us with two brand new songs over that past few days titled “The End” & “PARTYNEXTDOOR” featuring Nahlige. The up and coming artists keeps improving so don’t miss out on either song below. Get ready for Gray’s upcoming project to drop really soon.

Written by E.L.

Big Sean’s “Dark Sky Paradise” Album Review

dark-sky-paradiseIt has been a little over a year since we’ve gotten a full length project from Big Sean, and now he is back and better than ever. However, much like on previous albums, Sean relies heavily on feature artists to help him through a pretty lengthy LP. Dark Sky Paradise has its highs and lows–all showcasing Sean’s growth as an artist–but it just isn’t everything his fans had hoped for.

Without a doubt, the song that really put Sean back into the mainstream spotlight was “I Don’t Fuck With You,” with a little help from E-40. The song, with all of it’s raunchy language, is an extremely catchy anthem to everyone’s ex. It came out last fall, along with the other 3 songs Big Sean dropped, and the only other one from that selection that made the cut for the album was the extended version of “Paradise”. Honestly, I was extremely surprised by how popular the song became, even before the album. I was also suprised by how the song really put Big Sean back on everyone’s radar. I can’t discredit the track at all because I still catch myself reciting the hook randomly throughout the day. This was just the first taste of what was to come from Big Sean in the long run.

The intro of the album, “Dark Sky (Skyscrapers)” is nothing out of the ordinary in terms of lyrical content but he does have a nice flow. “Blessings” with Drake is the same song we heard released a few weeks back, and this track has grown on me as well. However, it just isn’t the Big Sean/Drake collaboration that I was expecting. It isn’t until “All Your Fault” comes on that we really get the vibe of this album. Kanye West adds both a verse and production on this one that almost sounds like something that could have been included on My Dark And Twisted Fantasy. This is the one song I keep coming back to because of the back and forth between Ye and Sean that reminds me of 80’s hip-hop. The line that resonates the most is the last one, “Man, If you want the crown bitch, you gotta take it”. Sean is definitely coming for something.

The highs and lows of the album become apparent as the album stomps on. “Play No Games” is a slowed down jam that has Sean talking about what it seems like in his current relationship. Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign provide some vocals for the track, keeping it catchy enough to continually coming back to. “Paradise” is the same song we’ve heard before, until the amazing second verse comes on. Sean absolutely snaps while rapping about his come up and work ethic. He hands-down demolishes this song and I hope no other rapper ever even attempts to hop on the beat.


The next three songs are the valley of the album for me. “Win Some, Lose Some,” “Stay Down,” and “I Know” are all slower, more introspective songs into what Sean went through these past few years. Yes, these songs are where the artist is able to put his feelings out there, and while they fit the album well, there just isn’t that one hook or one beat out of these three songs that really stands out. The last three bonus tracks could have easily been placed where these three are, and they likely would have shaped the album much better.

Getting towards the end of the album, Sean really starts to stand out even when being assisted. “Deep” has Lil’ Wayne spazzing out on the track in almost mixtape-Weezy fashion. “One Man Can Change The World” is Dark Sky Paradise’s “Nothing Is Stopping You”, with the feel-good, you-got-it-dude type song that we have heard come from Big Sean time and time again. Kanye and John Legend really fill the song out with their features. Then we hit the “Outro,” by far one of my favorite songs on the album. The DJ Dahi produced cut incorporates an amazing bounce-like soul sample, while Big Sean gets so confident about not only his ability to rap, but to charm women, that he adds his phone number at the end. It was almost a perfect ending to an album that has an artist making a statement.

Even though it may not be a perfect album, and not a project where we find Big Sean really blowing things musically out of the water, the high points outshine the lows. The bonus tracks at the end are absolutely great and I think “Deserve It” featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR should have been on the album. Don’t miss out! Check out the album below, and let us know what you think in the comment section.

Written by E.L.