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Michael Keenan works his magic on a remix of Eastside’s “Ellie” ft. Skizzy Mars


NYC’s Michael Keenan comes through again with a very dope remix of Eastside’s “Ellie.” Skizzy Mars also dropped a verse on this one. The remix is perfect for a night filled with flashing lights and lots of drinks. Check it out below and stick with us for more from Mr. Keenan.

Skizzy Mars Announces Tour With Miniature Tigers, Check Out Dates Here


Skizzy Mars is going on tour, today is a good day. Above are the dates for when and where he’ll be performing. The tour consists of 14 shows spanning over 12 different states with guest features from Machineheart and Matty Rico. According to his Twitter he’ll also be headlining an NY show but the details for that are still being finalized.

Smooth Waves Week In Review 8/23- 8/30

Smooth Waves Sticker Logo-3

This is a little segment we’ll be doing every Sunday called “Smooth Waves Week in Review.” We’ll repost some of the best songs of the week, most newsworthy events and our favorite albums and mix tapes among other things. This week we take a look at a slew of mix tapes and some big news from Penthouse Music.

This past week was filled with good mixtapes. Most notable was Curtis Williams’ Danco James mixtape. The tape features the likes of Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa and Danny Seth. Curtis absolutely killed this project, look for the tape to be on our best of the best list later in the year.

Another hot mixtape was Curren$y’s Saturday Night Car Tunes. Spitta randomly dropped off the tape which features Wiz Khalifa, Gun Play, Birdman and more. Pilot Talk 3 is also supposed to be coming out soon.


Download the 7 track EP here.

Before last Sunday night we hadn’t even heard of Joey Green, a rapper from the DC area. However, after listening through is Manifesto tape several times he won our ears over. The project consists of 12 tracks and you can check it out below.

Penthouse Music shared some very big news with the music world this past week when they announced that they would be adding Toronto artist Lais to their team. To welcome Lais to Penthouse they released a song with a feature front the Penthouse king Skizzy Mars called “For You.” Check it out below and check out Lais’ Soundcloud. The future is very bright for Penthouse.


Penthouse Music: New Vibes From Skizzy Mars- “Used To Be The Shit” Prod. By Michael Keenan


Skizzy Mars comes through today with some new music. A remix of the Miniature Tigers hit “Used To Be The Shit.” Skizzy sticks to the script on this one, rapping about making decisions while under the influence of who knows what, beautiful girls and bright, breezy weather. Check it out below.

Stream Jon Waltz’s Latest Single “Video Girl” and Check Out Our Thoughts on His Come Up

Stream all three of the singles that are already out from Jon’s upcoming project Alyss.

One thing lacking in rap today is longevity in individual artists careers. Look at how Wale and J. Cole have fallen off since being hailed as the new stars of the game, they never reached their full potential, or maybe they peaked too early. Examining more closely Wale’s career, he will forever be known as a mixtape artist. Most of his tapes are better than his albums More About Nothing vs. Ambition? You tell me which is better. Similarly, J Cole was seen as the next big thing after two phenomenal early mixtapes, Friday Night Lights and The Warm Up, but since then? He dropped a mediocre album and a decent mixtape full of songs from his average sounding label mates.

Anyways, the point I’m trying to get across is you can’t put all of your eggs into one basket, or try to impress the same audience over and over again.. ahem.. Mike Stud, Mike Posner, Hoodie Allen and frat-rap Mac Miller.

That’s what I love about Jon Waltz. As an 18 year old singer/ rapper from Memphis, Tennessee, he’s not out to impress one audience. He’s trying new sounds and he’s doing things he likes. Skizzy Mars, who’s my current favorite rapper and fellow Penthouse rapper, I’m afraid, is on the same path as the rappers I mentioned in the paragraph before. He’s making the same sounding songs over and over again and getting the same good results, but, that’s not going to give his career longevity. Eventually, those fans will grow tired of his music, like even I have begun to feel.

Jon Waltz, however, doesn’t have that in his future. The young man has songs covering a wide variety of subjects, from serious, “BANG.” to more simple laid back party scene songs like “Video Girl.” Not only does he rap, he also sings on a lot of his songs or does the entire hook himself. I also love the fact that he’s not coming into rap following the script of drugs, money and girls. Of course there’s hints of that here and there in his music but not to the extent that that’s what you come away with after listening. Developing his own sound and coming up the way he has so far is going to do a lot for Jon in the future.

Maybe I am jumping the gun, he’s unsigned, 18, with not even a mixtape to his name, but there’s something there. Something fresh and new. Alyss, which is his debut project will be out some time later this summer and you’re going to want to listen to it. Anyways, enjoy “Video Girl,” I know you will.