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Check out Justin Bieber’s “One Dance” remix

An Alternative View Of The 2015 American Music Awards


Earlier on OVO radio Justin Bieber’s remix of  “One Dance” was premiered. As much as I can’t stand Bieber I can’t deny that this is hot. He and Drake should definitely jump on a song together this summer. “One Dance” was already a smash hit and Bieber adds a surprising soulful verse to the song that you can listen to below. Stay tuned for more from both these Canadians.

Written by Jesse Wiles

[Two-9] Sushi Ceej drops off a remix of Tame Impala’s “Eventually”


Sushi Ceej, of Two-9’s ‘Retro Sushi’ subgroup, just released some new material for the first time in about a year. I remember at the end of 2013 I tweeted “Two-9 is going the be the next best rap group.” That never seemed to come into fruition as 2014 was a relatively quiet year for the group. Hopefully that just means they’ve been perfecting they’re individual talents and that they’ll pick up where they left off at the beginning of 2014. The new music from Sushi took the form of a remix of Tame Impala’s song “Eventually” off of their album Currents. Take a listen to the single below and enjoy.

Written by Jesse Wiles

[vibes] Kaytranada adds his own flavor to Janet Jackson’s “Alright”


Man, Kaytranada is one of my favorites. The man makes some of the bounciest, most interesting beats I’ve heard in awhile. Even when they’re moderately overbearing they have a way of growing on me unlike any other artist. I was first introduced to him through his work with my favorite rapper of the past few years, Mick Jenkins, although his catalogue stretches much further than that. His solo work is something I just started to delve into and I’ve been listening with hungry ears for a few weeks now. So, when I saw that he had remixed Janet Jackson’s 1980’s hit “Alright” I was incredibly intrigued. The twist he puts on the song was immediately recognizable as his signature sound. Although the first few listens didn’t exactly floor me, I have to say it’s interesting enough to throw on your playlist for this upcoming week. Give it a listen yourself below and enjoy.

Written by Jesse Wiles

[NEW] ASAP Rocky hops on the remix of Drake’s “Wu-Tang Forever”


One of my favorite songs from 2013 got remixed with a verse from ASAP Rocky, that’s neat. Earlier today ASAP Lou and J Scott released this “Wu-Tang Forever” remix on OVO Beats 1 radio. The quality is pretty bad and it’s censored (eye roll), thanks Apple. But, ASAP’s verse sounds nice regardless. Give it a listen below and be on the lookout for ASAP’s Cozy Boys mixtape, which should be out soon.

Written by Jesse Wiles

[Flames] Bishop Nehru Remixes Jumpman

Bishop Nehru

Truth be told I think the Jumpman remixes are played out, but Bishop Nehru outdoes himself on this one. The Nehruvian remix is definitely up there with the original from Drake and Future. Out of New York, the 19 year-old has yet to disappoint me with his content and lyrical talent. If you haven’t heard the name, check out NehruvianDoom, StrictlyFlowz, and of course his most recent “Jumpman (Nehruvian Remix)” on his Soundcloud below.

Written by: Asa Hatten