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Finals Week Playlist

With finals coming up this week or the week after for most colleges across the country I decided to put together a little playlist for you to listen to while you’re cooped up in the library. Most of these songs have an electronic/ house vibe to them and are very laid back. Perfect to put on and have some background noise, but not too much. Listen to the entire playlist above and good luck.

Written by Jesse Wiles

[EXTRA SAUCE] Richie Quake’s ‘In Love N’ Memory’ EP is niice


Saucy, lo-fi, vulnerable and addictive.

Richie Quake is gnarly. His¬†In Love N’ Memory¬†EP is his most recent body of work and compared to his older stuff (which was good) this is the best. 6 tracks of sounds that adventure through different sonic landscapes, ranging from lo-fo to ambient to very sensual. Pigeons and Planes dubbed this as bedroom R&B and I’d have to agree. If your girl appreciates Yung Lean and is into experimenting throw this on for her.

Written by Jesse Wiles