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[WOWOW] Ro Ransom waits until December to give us the best video of the year. “See Me Fall”


I’m gonna be that guy for one second: I’ve been on Ro Ransom since the jump! Everybody’s sleeping on him and I’ve had Ransamnia since ’12. This man has been raw for too long.

That being said, last night he dropped the video for his late-summer single “See Me Fall” featuring Kensei Abbot. The video is awesome. Hands down the best video I’ve seen all year. I don’t even usually watch full videos but I’ve replayed this one five times now. Let’s hope 2016 has a lot more Ro in store for us.

Written by Jesse Wiles

Ro Ransom- “Ro Ransom Is The Future: Bonus Disc” (Official Mixtape)

largeOnly a few weeks after the release of Ro Ransom Is The Future, disc 1, Ro is back with disc 2. You can check out our review on that first disc right here. For the latest part of the mixtape, you can download it here on Ro’s tumblr. Expect some music videos to drop from this soon. Enjoy.

Ro Ransom gives us the first song from disc 2 of ‘Ro Ransom Is The Future:’ “All Dogs Go To Heaven” ft. QuESt


With Ro Ransom Is The Future already in the books Ro has shifted gears for RRITF disc 2. On “All Dogs Go To Heaven” he switches to the moody, sing-song delivery that he has perfected since the release of Ransomnia. Despite the fact that I wasn’t a big fan of disc 1 as a whole I’m still super excited for disc 2 and like all things Ro Ransom you can find it here.

Smooth Waves Music Week In Review


On this week’s edition of The Week In Review we take a look at a lot of quality music from a wide variety of artists that we’ve been listening to lately. From Mardi Lex to Nas, Smooth Waves has the past week covered.

Nas- The Season

It was cool to see Nas flow over such an old track from J. Dilla, RIP. Very reminiscent of old school New York hip hop. Who knows what this one will end up on in the future. Take a listen below.

Earrly Mac- #nextroom

Earrly Mac has continued to catch our attention with his fresh new sound and overall vibe. The track below is slowed down and tells the listener a story about slaying in the room adjacent to your homies. We can definitely relate to the situation that Earrly Mac brings to light.

Lil’ Wayne- “Gotti” ft. The Lox

Instead of the Carter V Lil Wayne drops off a very mediocre song. Not much to say about this one, Wayne falls flat and The Lox fail to impress as well. Give it a listen below and who knows when we’ll get Tha Carter V.

Theophilus London- Vibes

Who would have thought that Theophilus would have an album that’s in contention for the best of the year. The record was executive produced by Kanye, so all of the beats are fire. Theophilus also creates a wild, almost cinematic experience for the listener by having tracks weave in and out like scenes in a movie. Stream the full album below.


Fresh off the release of LIFE RHYMES, the boi Mardi is back with some flames. “Spark” is an uptempo song that doesn’t slow down for a second. Peep the single below and stick with us for all news Mardi Lex.

Ro Ransom’s Ro Ransom Is The Future

Here’s JW’s review of RRITF, definitely an interesting read.


Curtis Williams- “A Rap About a Girl”

Curtis Williams came out of nowhere this week with a brand new track titled “A Rap About A Girl.” We were caught off guard when we saw a very rare image of Lindsay Lohan posted up as a perfect 10 as the single artwork. Who cares what she was putting up her nose awhile ago, she could really get it. Before we get too off track, here’s “A Rap About a Girl.”

Hyype- “Will Smith”

No one cares what you were for Halloween. Hyype IS Will Smith. The Chicago rapper put out a video accompanying his brand new track “Will Smith.” New music from Hyype is always something we look forward to. Peep the video below.

Also, here’s our Halloween Playlist:

Album Review: Ro Ransom Is The Future, or is he?


Download RRITF in it’s entirety HERE.

Two years since his last mixtape, Ransomnia, and following a slew of high quality, hype building singles, Ro Ransom Is The Future is finally here.

When I first heard that Ro was coming close to finishing RRITF I immediately went to my iTunes library and put on Ransomnia. The 2012 mixtape boasted killer features from Trae The Truth, Rich Hil and Casey Veggies. With equally as impressive production from Chuck Inglish, Xaphoon Jones and Cardo. From start to finish Ransomnia was everything Ro needed to do to get some serious attention. So, naturally, when I heard that RRITF was close to completion I was very excited.

I seriously thought Ro Ransom was the future. But, after multiple listens through RRITF I’m not so sure. The project is definitely cohesive, in terms of theme and listening from one track to the next. However, there’s something missing. The overall quality of the tape is not up to par with something that’s considered “futuristic.” It sounds more like a mixtape from someone recording onto their macbook than someone in the studio trying to become a force to be reckoned with. The skits throughout the tape are pretty disruptive too. I’m not a big skit fan at all, but these ones are just flat-out uninteresting.

That being said, I’m still a huge Ro Ransom fan. He’s one of my favorite artists currently on the come up. There are a few things that saved this project. The production was spectacular, thanks to RobGotBeats and Jayex. Also, I think there was a really nice mixture of Ro hitting those higher, moodier notes and his rapping.

This tape was mediocre. Maybe I was just expecting too much. Either way, I’ll still listen to this when it comes up on shuffle in the future and I’m excited to see where Ro goes from here.


Some standout tracks are: “Party In The Dark, “Hallucinate,” and “See You There.”

Written by JW