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[Watch] Dev09 comes through with the video for “You Made Me”

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 1.56.45 PM

“I’m not James Dean, I’m your Adidas queen.” So gang.

You know why I love Dev09? Because for her first video she’s out there stunting in some sweatshorts and a Dartmouth football jacket. The subtle focus on the tattoos in some frames was also a pretty dope addition to a super nice first-ever music video.

“You Made Me” is Dev’s best track to date and the accompanying visuals do nothing but back the song up. She lets viewers into a bit of her life with the video. Showing us what South Bend looks like (super lit) and rollerblading around a skate rink, among other things. Dev continues to impress. She’s given us some good stuff so far and it’s only gotten better each time. Needless to say I’m hopeful we’ll be getting some more heat from her before the year is out.

Check out the track below and stick with us for more from lil lil newport.

Written by Jesse Wiles


[Listen] “HOOPS’ by London native JONES


I’ve personally been focusing on a lot of UK music lately. Specifically grime, JONES was a nice reminder to me that London has a lot of different, very good, music coming out. And that there’s a genre outside of hip hop and rap. Give her track “HOOPS” a listen below. She’s got a beautiful voice that moves wonderfully over the production on “HOOPS.”


Written by Jesse Wiles

[Must Listen] “GHOST” by Virginia’s REECE


I’m currently sitting in the Seattle-Tacoma Airport trolling through Soundcloud listening to wave after wave of mediocre music. When I clicked play on “GHOST” by REECE, apparently a 19 year old out of Virginia, I wouldn’t say I was expecting a whole lot. I was wrong. REECE kills this track. No question about it. From start to finish. His screeching, soaring vocals compliment the slow, minimalist, piano-filled beat to perfection. The fact that this came out 6 months ago and I’m just now hearing it for the first time is a travesty. Imagine Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, Yung Lean AND Spooky Black having a child, you might get REECE¬†(that’s obviously a bit of a stretch, but you get the point). His sound lies somewhere between all of those artists. Listen to “GHOST”¬†below and keep an eye out for more of REECE on Smooth Waves.

Written by Jesse Wiles