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Check out Lou The Human&’s latest track “Slim Buddha”


Lou The Human is a rapper’s rapper.

From Staten Island, Lou The Human shares the grungy aesthetic of South Florida’s rap scene, or the early days of Odd Future, but his rapping takes on a different vibe. For “Slim Buddha” he spits a series of relentless bars that Pigeons and Planes compared to those of Eminem. While that might be a lofty comparison (more of a mixture of Mac Miller and Wiki), he’s definitely talented, is a great story teller,  displays extensive versatility on the mic and is subtly more vulgar than any rapper we’ve heard in awhile. Check out his other two songs, “Macklemore” and “Brink” below “Slim Buddha.”

Written by Jesse Wiles

LA rapper/ producer Blvc Svnd drops off a new tape titled ‘DIVO’


Blvc Svnd might not have mainstream appeal, but he doesn’t seem to care. His style sounds like it was inspired by MadeinTYO, Rae Sremmurd and the darker aesthetics of Eminem or Tyler The Creator paired with the aggressiveness of a Denzel Curry. The 18 year old’s delivery is very nasally and borderline lazy, he might be recording from a reclining chair. However, he still manages to create catchy bangers with the perfect amount of calculated dissonance. His project DIVO appears to be the ideal embodiment of this young artists career up to this point. Check it out below you won’t be disappointed.

Written by Jesse Wiles

Stream Von Alexander’s new album ‘Mayhem1993’


Milwaukee isn’t usually high on the list of hip-hop hot beds, but the the city north of Chicago has been making waves in the past two years and at the forefront of the movement is Von Alexander. The 23 year old’s latest effort comes in the form of Mayhem1993. The album is an interesting assortment of sounds, from Atlanta to Chicago, and a range of tones varying from introspective to braggadocios, with the end result being a fast paced taste of what Milwaukee has to offer.

Written by Jesse Wiles

Heat: Smino and Sango link up for another hit titled “blkswn”


Earlier this year Smino and Sango linked up for the track “Lemon Pon Goose” and the result was absolute fire. Though the summer heat is long gone and the cold Midwestern snows are setting in for good the two haven’t stopped putting out heat. “blkswn” is much more laid back but still retains the same uptempo, elastic sound that both artists have seemed to master. Check this out below you won’t be disappointed.

Written by Jesse Wiles

MF DOOM is back with a brand new ‘Solid Steel’ mix ft. Earl, Busta Rhymes, Gorillaz & more


MF DOOM’s newest mix for Ninja Tunes’ Solid Steel radio show features tracks from Ghostface Killah, Earl Sweatshirt, Captain Murphy, Gorillaz and Busta Rhymes and other artists. The hour long mix is full of interesting content and can be streamed below.

Written by Jesse Wiles