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Matt Martians, member of the band The Internet, releases solo album ‘The Drum Chord Theory’


Matt Martians’¬†The Drum Chord Theory¬†has been the most pleasant musical surprise of 2017 thus far (I know it’s early). His debut solo album spans 12 tracks and features him singing for the first time in his career. The album was recorded in his childhood home of Atlanta and features a wide array of sounds. Two of the standout tracks are “Diamond in Da Ruff” and “Found Me Some Acid Tonight” which features Steve Lacy. Check out the full project below.

Written by Jesse Wiles

The Internet’s Steve Lacy drops off some solo material titled “Some”


Steve Lacy, the 18 year old producer and member of the band The Internet, is on a roll. His latest solo effort is titled “Some” and plays out like an innocent, romantic love song. It’s easy to listen to and much too short, hopefully a longer version emerges sometime soon. Otherwise put this on repeat and enjoy the day.

Written by Jesse Wiles