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Larry Fisherman (Mac Miller) pays tribute to Phife Dawg


I was deeply saddened this morning when I woke up and heard that Phife Dawg had passed away. Phife was one of the founding members of the  hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest. Tribe was one of the biggest reasons I got into hip hop. I remember the first time I heard them was when I was 12 in the Grand Canyon. One of the rafting guides was showing me his music on his iPod and put on Midnight Marauders. I listened to the entire album all the way through right then and there and then continued through their complete discography. Without A Tribe Called Quest the genre of hip hop would undoubtedly be vastly different than what it is today. And without Phife Dawg, there would be no Tribe Called Quest. That being said, Larry Fisherman, Mac Miller’s alter ego, made a beautiful tribute to the late, great Phife. You can listen to the song below.

Written by Jesse Wiles