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A$AP Ferg- “Ferg Forever” (Official Mixtape)

largeA$AP Ferg followed through with his promise to release his latest mixtape on Black Friday. The mixtape can be streamed and downloaded on Datpiff right here. It contains 19 tracks with features from Big Sean, MIA, SZA, Marty Baller, Wynter Gordan, MZ 007, YG, Crystal Caines, A$AP Nast and Twista. These songs truly bump, so be sure to stream the project in it’s entirety below. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Enjoy!


01 Perfume
02 Jungle ft. Marty Baller
03 Fergsomia ft. Twista
04 Bonnaroo ft. Wynter Gordan
05 Uncle
06 Thug Cry (Tinashe Remix)
07 Now ft. Mz 007 & Crystal Caines
08 Jolly ft. Bunji Garlin & Spice
09 Weave ft. Marty Baller & Crystal Caines
10 Hood Tales
11 This Side ft. YG
12 Reloaded (Let it Go Pt. 2) ft. MIA & Crystal Caines
13 Commitment Issues
14 Doe-Active
15 Dope Walk
16 NV ft. A$AP Nast
17 Ja-Rule ft. Big Sean
18 Real Thing ft. SZA
19 Talk It

Written By E.L.


Trinidad Jame$- “Def Jam (Remix)” Featuring Young Scooter & Twista

large-1Following being dropped from the famous Def Jam. Trinidad James responds with a remix to the song “Def Jam”. The song was originally recorded right after he signed the deal, but now obviously things have changed in Trinidad’s life. Young Scooter and Twista even add a little flair to the track. You can listen to remix yourself down below.

Sir Michael Rocks Separates Himself From The Cool Kids Image With Latest Album: “Banco” Album Review

1403195806_banco_album_coverBanco is finally out. It took Mikey a little longer than anticipated for the release of his highly anticipated debut album but although he may have switched it up a bit since his days rapping with the Cool Kids, he switched up his style and he does not disappoint.

Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish (The two make up the hip-hop group The Cool Kids) have been taking different paths lately, with both artists releasing a few solo projects. But this hasn’t slowed either of them down. In the case of Mikey Rocks, it has forced him to try and make an identity for himself. Yes, he has grown up, had more life experiences and you can hear it through his music.

The intro sets the tone for the entire album. Mikey does a little recap of his life before the beat drops, stating that he “moved to LA and made some of the best music he has ever made”. It is interesting to see and artist be so open and genuine at the beginning of a major debut album and it is a great little touch he adds for his true friends and fans.


Banco is not technically a concept album, but it almost seems that way. Sir Michael Rocks raps over some psychedelic beats that no other rapper would touch in recent memory. This dude was even able to get Twista on a song. “Some Ish” is a standout on the album with the slowed down guitar and spacey synths to complement both artists vocals.

Later on throughout the album, the psychedelic “Playstation 1.5” changes everything up. His flow is dark and out there. It is hard to even comprehend exactly what Mikey is talking about but his flow just sounds good. This song is the farthest from anything the Cool Kids ever put out. Check out the video for the track below.

“Memo” and “Bussin'” featuring Casey Veggies and IAMSU! are the bangers off the album. Both songs just slap and stay true to what hip-hop has been up to recently. The script isn’t changed and sometimes is shouldn’t. Mikey and crew add some decent verses over trap inspired beats.

The skits are also some of the best in hip-hop’s recent memory. Each one will have you just guessing what exactly will happen next, especially in “Cold Sore Skit”. It turns into this retro Pokeman theme creature chasing them. I don’t want to ruin anything so don’t skip over the skits when you listen to the album. But man, they sure are good.

The last two songs I want to highlight are “Lost Boys” featuring Mac Miller & Trinidad Jame$ as well as “Fuck Seaworld”. “Lost Boys” is just a crazy tale of how all three of them only know about “drugs and girls” over an absolutely incredible beat. Mac and Trinidad give the song just that extra flare that it needs and all three verses are exceptional. While “Fuck Seaworld” shows Sir Michael Rocks love for animals and attacks the theme park pretty harshly. His flow is just out of control, especially when he shouts out all of his whale friends and the ending will make you just laugh out loud. This is a theme that is present throughout the album with the saving of the animals and Mikey ties it all together with this song’s climax at the end. Check out the video for it below.

Sir Michael Rocks set out to change everyone’s perspective on him with Banco. The album is different, it shows that Mikey can be his own artist outside of the Cool Kids. That isn’t to say that what he has done with Chuck Inglish is bad (In fact it is some of the best hip-hop music to be released in the past decade) it just shows that Mikey is a multi-dimensional artists that shouldn’t be put in a box. Just let Mikey do the rapping and go listen!