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Heat: Smino and Sango link up for another hit titled “blkswn”


Earlier this year Smino and Sango linked up for the track “Lemon Pon Goose” and the result was absolute fire. Though the summer heat is long gone and the cold Midwestern snows are setting in for good the two haven’t stopped putting out heat. “blkswn” is much more laid back but still retains the same uptempo, elastic sound that both artists have seemed to master. Check this out below you won’t be disappointed.

Written by Jesse Wiles


Young And Upcoming Artists of 2014 Pt. 3 of 3. Featuring: Mardi Lex


Name: Mardi G. Raww
Rap Name: Mardi Lex
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Age: 18
Genre: Hip-hop and rap.
Reminds us of: Casey Veggies and a young Wale.

** SMOOTHWAVES Exclusive**
Unreleased New Songs, Winter Cold and Moon Walk:
Mardi Lex just hit us up with these two new songs today. The second track starts at 2:12. Have a happy Valentines Day and enjoy the new music!

Mardi has been rapping since he was 13 years old. He said that music is his “vehicle, it’s the only thing that moves me around. It’s the only drug I’m addicted to.” One of the things that helps him with his music is the fact that he’s been all around the world. The different cultures he’s been blessed to see have influenced his perception of his own world and music. In his free time he plays basketball. When he isn’t with the homies or trying to keep his grades up, he’s clocked in; writing.

Who has influenced your music most?
“The biggest influences on me in terms of music have been Tupac, Nipsey Hussle, Kid Cudi, Drake, Mac Miller and Wu-Tang.”

What was the last album you listened to? What’s your current favorite song?
“The last album would be Cilvia Demo by Isaiah Rashad and my favorite song would be “RIP Kevin Miller” by Isaiah Rashad.”

Of your songs, which is your favorite?
“Of the songs that are out to the public I’d say “Young and Gifted.” But, there are definitely some tracks on this mixtape coming out; “2 AM,” “Good Karma” and “Most High III,” to name a few.”

How much of the production process do you do yourself?
“My beats come from all over. I’ve been working with 6J Recording’s, NOVA and upcoming Producer Nico Fazio (he’s buzzing right now). Both of them are only 16 years old and have ridiculous talent. When it comes to writing I write and revise all my verses. I mixed my own Spotify project, Tailored Reality, by myself during my senior year of high school.”

Do you have any projects coming out in the future?
“Yes, Life Rhymes, my mixtape is coming out August 1st. Be on the lookout, it’s going to shift the listeners perspective of the world they live in.”
**Mardi’s mixtape will be on Smoothwaves when it’s released**

What sets Mardi Lex apart from the pack?
“I’m just a body trying to voice the opinions and thoughts of a whole generation. Music is the way I communicate thoughts and emotion. I try to evoke inspiration through these tunes. I’m somebody who’s not going to shift their culture, perception or perspective of the game. Peep this upcoming mixtape and you’ll understand what this all about. I rap to make progressive steps for the world, not for fame or glamour.”

Support Mardi by following him on Twitter: @MardiLex and Soundcloud: mardilex95.