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Yellow Days returns with an angsty single titled “So Terrified of Your Mind”


Yellow Days is back. The London native who first caught our attention with his Harmless Melodies EP just released another slow burning melody dripping with angst and longing. “So Terrified of Your Mind” showcases his vocal range as he stretches his voice over a quiet backdrop of keys. Check out the single below and if you haven’t listened to Harmless Melodies yet give it a listen via his Soundcloud.

Written by Jesse Wiles

Yellow Days comes back with new single “Go Home”


Yellow Days, the 17 year old singer/ producer from the UK is back with a brand new single titled “Go Home.” The song burns slowly and is filled with longing, once again showing how mature and powerful both Yellow Day’s voice and delivery are despite his age. Check it out below and enjoy.

Written by Jesse Wiles

Start your week off right with Yellow Days’ new single “Gap in The Clouds”


Yellow Days has combined the perfect amount of lo-fi heartache and romance to craft a beautiful new single devoted to love. “Gap in The Clouds” is just that, a little peak of sun, hitting you right in the face on a cloudy day. We could all use a little more of this music in our lives after last week. Check out “Gap in the Clouds” below and keep an eye out for more from the 17 year old artist from the UK.

Written by Jesse Wiles